Swarup Sarkar – The inspiration for many men and boys

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The Male Factor (TMF)

SwarupWhen he met her he felt he has got the best wife in his life. The first one year of his marriage was very fulfilling and enjoyable for him.

Hailing from a middle class Bengali family from a village called Bangaon in WB Swarup Sarkar was the only boy who has got an Engineering degree to his credit. No wonder why many girls’ fathers queued up with marriage proposals for their daughters.

He was a hardcore feminist before his marriage and believed in full freedom and independence of women but he never knew that the same belief would cost him dearly in his life.

His joy in marital life was shortlived and soon after his sister-in-law got married it was over. His in-laws started demanding money for their second daughter’s marriage and when he could not provide the same his own marriage was on rocks.

Sarkar’s pregnant wife who went…

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