Robert Vadra: Forget property, how did he acquire Priyanka? – Lakshmi Chaudhry

Bharata Bharati

Lakshmi Chaudhry“The Gandhis have typically married down: Feroze was a no-name backbencher, Maneka a beauty pageant type, and Sonia will perennially remain “that Italian waitress” to her detractors. So a petty trader from Moradabad isn’t exactly unprecedented. What makes Robert exceptional is that he is astoundingly, indisputably dumb. While neither the Gandhis nor their spouses have been towering intellectuals, none of them have come remotely close to matching Vadra’s lack of intelligence.” – Lakshmi Chaudhry

Robert Vadra & Priyanka GandhiEach time Robert Vadra steps into the spotlight, the average mango folks can’t help but wonder, “Really? She married him?”  Of all the men at all the Delhi A-list parties, Priyanka Gandhi picked this guy?

“Vadra’s sweet-heart deal with DLF raises many questions but what makes no sense whatsoever is how a petty brass trader from Moradabad, who looks more like Priyanka’s chauffer than her significant other, could patao a Nehru-Gandhi scion and marry into…

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