Funded by Ford Foundation, Flavia Agnes’ NGO Majlis influences India’s Government policies and family laws

Hinduism at target of feminism. Promotion of pre marital sex and moral corruption are prime agendas of Feminism.

The Male Factor (TMF)

[Tracking the money trail is a new series that will track the money trail of feminist NGOs. All NGO that receive Foreign Funds submit FCRA return with Ministry of Home Affairs in a format called FC-6 forms. The data is available online and can be checked from here

All such funding details of feminist NGOs can be seen here]


Flavia Agnes Image

Funded heavily by Ford Foundation and foreign church groups, Flavia Agnes’ NGO Majlis files PILs and influence government policy decisions and creation of new laws mainly divorce and maintenance laws.

NGO Profile

Majlis and Flavia opposed Shared Parenting, wanted to liberate Hindu women while opposing Uniform Civil Code that could ensure equal rights for Muslim or Christian women as well. Flavia promoted that marriage is not sacred and targeted Hindu marriages specifically. Not only that, on the pretext that marriage is not sacred, Majlis is trying to bring…

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