Varna Vyavastha – Caste system

Chiraan's Astrology

  • When kaltrakaraka is in swa uchhca and mitra navamsa one will get wife from the same or higher caste as per the relative strength of the lagna lord .

  • When kalatrakaraka is in shatru neech navamsa aspected and associated with malefics ,one will marry woman from lower caste .the status of the woman and its family in the social strata will be known by the strength of the karaka .

  • Seventh lord , seventh navamsa and venus and dara karaka whoever is stronger becomes kalatrakaraka .

There are chiefly four castes viz :

  1. Bramhin

  2. Kshatriya

  3. Vaishya

  4. Shudra

In the beginning of the creation only Vedic way of life was prevalent everywhere in the world . Slowly due to intermixing of these catses other cultures sprangup and as these mixed children were given different lands to stay . They were also handed down different code of conduct as per their capacity…

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