Ketu on the Asendant or Lagna

Last paragraph is very important

Asheville Vedic Astrology

The following excerpt comes from a written report I was creating for a recent client. After I completed the paragraphs below, it felt important to share them with others, by way of this blog, for folks who may be overly influenced by Ketu.  Also, if your rising sign or moon sign is Taurus, you may be experiencing a little of this until January 22nd, 2013.

“Ketu on the lagna, makes one seek a high spiritual destiny. During the times mentioned above, would be an ideal time for more intensive meditation and Self-study. It can make a person adaptable and subject to change, and can also make a person sometimes inconsistent with their direction in life. It can make a person hypersensitive to others, and dissatisfied with life in general. When understood positively, it can help us to see that we are not the doer of our actions, and that only…

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